1. See a doctor!

If you are considering making a personal injury claim, it is obviously because you are injured. It is so important that you get to a doctor and receive treatment for your injuries before making a claim – your health should always be your top priority. Not only this, you need to see a doctor so there is an official diagnosis and assessment of your injuries on your medical record.

2.    The sooner the better

You have three years from the date of your accident to make a personal injury claim. However, the sooner you make your claim for compensation, the more likely your chance of being successful. This is because in the time immediately following your accident your memory of the event will be clearest and your injuries will be at their most prominent. Furthermore, your lawyer will have to prove that the accident you had is the direct cause of your injuries. This is easier if you start a claim immediately following the event.

3.    Specialist lawyer

Make sure the lawyer that you instruct is a specialist personal injury lawyer. They will be able to give you the best advice regarding your claim and will be able to guide you through every step of the process. This will make claiming for personal injury compensation as stress-free as possible.

4.    Diary of injuries

Keep a diary of your injuries if you can – this could be in photographic form or written form. If you are successful in your claim you will receive an amount of money that is calculated on the basis of your injuries. Keeping a diary will ensure that this amount is calculated accurately and will serve as evidence to substantiate your claim.

5.    Evidence of financial losses

Part of your compensation amount will be for financial losses that have occurred as a direct result of your injuries. Therefore you should keep hold of anything that shows what financial losses you have suffered. This may be a train ticket from travel to hospital appointments, loss of earnings from time off work, or receipts for prescriptions you have had to purchase. All of this information will be given to your solicitor to form part of the evidence for your claim.

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