So you think your landlord is bad? Well check out these guys, they truly are landlords from hell. Having a bad landlord can leave you living in an uncomfortable situation, in a property which is in disrepair or in the worst situations – in fear. Tenants have legal rights and if you think your landlord is not respecting your rights you should contact a lawyer today.

7. The Rule Maker: Want to have your shower times dictated to you? A 30 minute window to speed through your cooking? An inability to eat bacon? A rule which reads “9) There is NO LIVING ROOM INCLUDED ONLY ROOM so if you sit in kitchen area which is MY PERSONAL LIVING SPACE you must eat then wash up then go back to room” These were just a few of a gigantic list of 31 rules which were presented to a prospective tenant – Laura Evelyn – when she went to view a property in London. Not surprisingly the offer did no appeal and Laura simply posted a photo of the rules on Twitter rather than move in.

Tenancy agreement

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6. Bad Newham Landlords: On the topic of London landlords, Newham landlords are so bad that the council is actually having to crack down on them and their less than perfect ways. The two main problems are overcrowding of properties and building disrepair. Some properties house 12 or more tenants. Landlords are now having to apply for licences for the properties that they rent.

5. The Landlord Who Will Rent You A Converted Shed: The first bad landlord who has been refused a licence under the Newham crackdown had 50 properties – many of which were converted sheds.

Garden Shed

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4. The Compulsive Gambler: A Chinatown landlord in New York City was recently convicted of embezzling one and a half million dollars from the buildings accounts of the properties which he managed. All of this was to fund a huge gambling addiction.

3. The King of Building Disrepair: A Manchester landlord was fined £33,750 after it was found that properties he owned were dangerous – full of fire hazards, problems with electrical wiring and without working heating systems.

A landlord must provide a safe environment for their tenants. A landlord is responsible for repairing damage which was not caused by the tenant. For a full list of landlord responsibilities, click here.

Faulty Electrical Wire

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2. The Landlords Who Physically Assaulted Their Tenants: three Croydon landlords were jailed for 2 years, 3 years and 3 years, 3 months in jail after brutally attacking their tenants. The tenants were a young couple who were trying to leave their home after living in fear of their violent landlords. Whilst they were trying to move out of the property the landlords beat them and used bottles and a scalpel as weapons.

1. The Landlord Who Resorted To Criminal Damage, Burglary and Stalking: The Macys from San Francisco went to extreme, and very much illegal, lengths when trying to evict their tenants from an apartment block they had decided they wanted to sell. They sawed holes through the floor of a tenant’s flat whilst he was living there, cut chunks out of the joists, soaked the tenants’ clothes in ammonia, stole 1,800 dollars from a tenant, stole and destroyed their property manager’s belongings and then fled the country. They have both been jailed for over 4 years.

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