Following a car accident, be it severe or minor, individuals may suffer both emotional and/or physical injuries. Therefore, when you have been involved in a car accident that was not your fault but the fault of a third party, you have every right to make a claim for the compensation you deserve for the unnecessary suffering they have put you through.

What Can You Claim For?

Car accident claims may be made for the following types of issue:-

Whiplash: this is an extremely common claim to be made as whiplash occurs in many car accidents, even minor collisions, due to the delicacy of the tissue and bone in the neck.

Psychological injuries: commonly anxiety, especially serious anxiety surrounding driving may result from a car accident.

Injury: personal injuries other than whiplash are also claimed for, the more serious your injury, the bigger the payout will be. If your injury is disabling in any way it will be taken into account the care you will have to receive, adaptations to your home, and the subsequent inability to carry out your previous employment in some cases.

Financial loss: this will incorporate all kinds of losses, such as loss of earnings, car, payment for prescriptions and other treatments such as physiotherapy, payment for long term care and other. Make sure you keep a careful note of the financial losses you are incurring following the accident, keep all records and receipts as this will make reimbursing you fully less complicated.

Each specific case is slightly different so it will take a seasoned hand to be able to negotiate all the different areas of a personal injury claim in perfect unison. Therefore, you should look to instruct a specialist personal injury solicitor to deal with your case. On top of this, personal injury is a rapidly changing area of law so instructing a specialist will ensure they are up to speed with every change in the sector.

Secondly, to give you the most accurate assessment of your injuries and your finances it is advisable for you to enter into the claiming process as soon as you feel able to. Although you have 3 years within which to make a personal injury claim, within the months following an accident the entire scenario will be at its most fresh in your mind. Your injuries will also be at their most prominent so the severity of the suffering you are going through will be rightly compensated for.

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