As a cyclist, particularly if you are riding in a busy city, you can be in a vulnerable position when it comes to accidents. 19,215 cyclists were reported injured in cycling accidents in the past year (2011) according to figures released in July 2012 by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA). Of these injuries 107 were fatal. However, it must be noted that these figures do not take in to account any accidents which were not reported to the police.

Common Accidents

Most cycling accidents occur in urban areas with the prime location being collisions at T junctions. This is often due to a lack of observation by either the cyclist themselves, or other road users. Drivers are more likely to be at fault, not performing enough mirror checks or forgetting to check their blind spot for bicycles before turning. The police report 57% of accidents at junctions were attributed to a ‘failure to look properly’ by the motorist and 43% by a ‘failure to look properly’ by the cyclist. Also more accidents occur in the day rather than at night as most cycling takes place in daylight hours. Unfortunately though, if an accident occurs at night time it is much more likely to be fatal.

Making A Claim On Behalf Of Another

The most at risk age group for cycling accidents are 10-15 year old children. This is thought to reflect the transition from being transported by parents to finding their own means of transport, most commonly a bicycle. Also this age group is thought to engage in more impulsive and risky behaviour whilst cycling than other age groups. Therefore, if your child has been involved in a cycling accident which was not their fault you can enter a personal injury claim on their behalf up until they are the age of 18. Once your child turns 18 they will have 3 years from their 18th birthday to make a personal injury claim themselves.

Making A Claim

If you have been involved in a cycling accident with any other road user, and you were not at fault you have every right to make a compensation claim against the negligent third party. This is the case whether the collision was with a motorcycle, a car, a Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV), a bus or even a pedestrian.

The amount you receive in compensation will differ depending on the severity of your injuries. The amount you receive is likely to be reduced if you are not wearing protection by choice; such as if you have chosen to ride without a helmet and the lack of helmet has exacerbated your injuries significantly. Contact a lawyer who specialises in cycling accident claims today to receive the compensation you deserve.

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