A £72,000 cap on elderly care costs will be introduced in England in 2016, as stated by the government.

A deferred payment scheme will be put in place whereby the local council will pay for care home fees and claim them back from the estate after death.

Currently 40,000 people have to sell their homes to pay for elderly care costs. The scheme is aiming to try and put a stop to this. care home fees claims

The scheme is already under scrutiny as many are concerned that only a small fraction of the elderly will benefit financially as a result. In fact, the government believes the cap will only benefit 1 in 8 elderly people.

The Labour Party argues that the scheme will not provide elderly with the immediate support they need now.

Earlier this year, a report conducted by the Care Quality Commission revealed that a quarter of home care services are not meeting all the quality and safety standards, causing a care home crisis in the UK.

Ministers have now said that the cap on elderly care costs is a solution to this problem. However, because the cap is being set is double what was recommended, this has effectively decreased the number of elderly people who will benefit from the scheme.

A model of the plans launched by the government revealed that it may take four years after the scheme has launched for elderly people over the age of 65 to meet the cap.

The government has recognised that the deferred payment scheme isn’t going to solve every problem in the system, however Ministers believe that scheme will help provide reassurance for many elderly people in need of financial support.

Aside from financial support, the scheme has been designed to encourage the public to start planning for life during old age. The government wants to see insurance industries implement more products to help cover elderly care costs.

Details of the scheme will continue until October 25.

Facing the future is a daunting prospect for many people reaching old age. Therefore, it is crucial that the elderly are given the support and reassurance they need.

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