It is a legal obligation to have valid car insurance in the UK. However, some people do break the law and drive without insurance. Fortunately, if you are hit by an uninsured driver in an accident which was not your fault, it is not the end of the world. Although it can make your life more awkward when it comes to claiming and getting your car fixed, there are services out there to help you. Read on to find out what to do next if you have had an accident with an uninsured driver.

1. Get details: whenever you are involved in an accident you will need to collect certain details at the scene – regarding the other driver, the circumstances of the accident and any witnesses.

Make sure you take a note of the other driver’s number plate, the model and colour of their car. Ask the driver for their address and contact details but do be aware that if the driver who has hit you is uninsured they may try to give you false contact details. Due to this, having details about their vehicle is vital to you give yourself a better chance of being able to trace the driver.

Also take pictures and notes about the scene and circumstances of the accident. This will be supporting evidence for your description of events. If any third parties have also witnessed the accident, and they would be happy to provide a statement of events, take down their contact details.

2. Call the police: often you will need to call the police following an accident. Make sure you get in touch with the police if anyone has been injured in the collision, if the vehicles are causing an obstruction of the road or have damaged someone’s property. If the accident does not require you to contact the police, move on to the next step.

3. Contact your insurers: You should now contact your insurers. Whether or not you are covered following an accident with an uninsured driver depends upon the insurance policy you have. You will be in the best possible position if you have comprehensive insurance cover and your position will be weakest if you have third party fire and theft cover.

4. Contact the Motor Insurers Bureau: If you are not covered following an accident with an uninsured driver you will need to contact the Motor Insurers Bureau. They help victims of accidents involving uninsured driver to being compensated for the damage the accident has caused.

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