Landlords in the UK have certain legal duties towards their tenants. One of these duties is to keep the property that they are renting to their tenant in a good state of repair. This does not apply to all aspects of the property as the tenant themselves will have the responsibility to take care of the everyday cleaning and upkeep of the interior of the property in most cases. So what must the landlord do?

Housing Repair Responsibilities

1. Exterior and structure: Your landlord is responsible for repairs to the exterior of your property. This includes the windows, guttering, the roof and the walls. If there are any structural issues with your property, your landlord must deal with getting these repaired. It is not always the case that the landlord is responsible for the state of your garden. Check your tenancy agreement to find out whether this is their responsibility.

2. Gas: All appliances, such as cookers, should all be kept safe and functioning by your landlord. Checks should be carried out regularly to ensure that the systems are safe.


3. Electric: If there are any electrical items which are provided with the property, your landlord should carry out electrical checks on these to ensure their safety. If any errors occur in the electrical systems in the house they are responsible for dealing with these. However, light bulb changes and small day to day tasks are the tenant’s responsibility.

4. Water: Again, plumbing systems in the house are your landlord’s responsibility. Toilets, sinks and drains should all be kept in good working order. However, unblocking sinks and toilets is the responsibility of the tenant in most cases.

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Housing Disrepair Disputes

If your landlord will not carry out repairs which are their legal responsibility, you have the right to take legal action. It is important to know that your landlord is not responsible for any repairs which you have not informed them of. Once they have been informed by the tenant that there is an issue with the property, the landlord will then have to complete the required repairs in a reasonable length of time. You must also allow the landlord and their workers to have access to the property to carry out the needed repairs. They will give you notice of when they need to enter the property.

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