Although Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is usually linked to elderly clients, this does not mean it is limited to the elderly at all. As long as you are over 18 you are legally able to apply for a Lasting Power of Attorney, this is because under the age of 18 your parents automatically qualify to make decisions regarding your welfare, finances and property for you should you be unable to as they are still in your legal care.

Some people have decided it is in fact a good idea to apply for Lasting Powers of Attorney when they draft their Will. This is because you never know when you could be in a position where you can no longer make decisions for yourself. It is a sad fact of life that accidents happen and one day you could be fully able and the next be in need of a carer. A Lasting Power of Attorney will grant someone the legal right to make decisions on your behalf. They were introduced in 2007. If you wish for someone to be able to make all of your decisions on your behalf you will have to apply for two different Powers of Attorney. Firstly you will need a health and welfare power of Attorney and a property and financial affairs Power of Attorney.

It can be extremely difficult for your family and friends if you don’t have things put in place for an unexpected situation, be this Will or be this a Power of Attorney. If you do not have a Lasting Power of Attorney your family will have to go through a long drawn out process applying to the court of protection to gain control of your assets. This can be extremely time consuming and expensive.

It will cost you £130 to register a Lasting Power of Attorney, therefore to register for an individual to have rights to make all decisions for you if you become unable to, it will be £260. This is an investment worth making. You are also able to apply and set up an LPA without the help of a solicitor, the forms are available from the government website. However, an LPA is an extremely important legal document so if you are in any question about how to go about the LPA you should instruct a solicitor to ensure that you are completely happy with the document.

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