The UK has been accused of a fuelling a compensation culture a recently published BBC article. A fall of 11% was reported in car accidents but shockingly this was coupled with an 18% rise in claims according to Actuarial Profession figures. Needless to say this is a confusing statistic.

Following a collision, insurance companies pass on motorist’s details automatically to legal firms. This tradition is thought to be partially to blame for these strange figures. Clients are automatically told to make a compensation claim with a legal firm linked to their company. This is beneficial for both the legal firm and for the insurance company themselves, both receiving their bonuses at either end of the business deal. The solicitors gain clients and the insurers receive money for the constant referrals to their firm/firms of choice. Sometimes details of the collision are passed on via firms beyond the insurance company themselves leading to further harassment of the individual via phone and text with offers of financial compensation.

A projected cost of £400 million a year for insurance businesses and subsequent rising insurance premiums are predicted. Ironically the insurance companies themselves are instigating the referrals which are pushing these insurance costs up. Although having claim cover in your insurance can be thought of as a helpful safety net it is only an ease not a necessity. It simply saves you the hassle of instructing a solicitor yourself rather than finding the best firm for you. Any personal injury claims you wish to make following an accident can be entered into easily, there are a cacophony of legal firms on the market who specialise in this area of law and this gives you plenty of choice to shop around and find the right firm for you. It also means if you have no interest whatsoever in making a compensation claim, you do not feel obliged to do so.

Legal firms who have entered into referrals deals with insurance companies pay the insurers to pass them on claims in this way. When we are referred we become merely a number in a huge legal firm who instruct thousands of cases. If you are happy with being directed along the claiming path this can work quite well for you, but you must be aware that your options are open and in fact being referred does not tie you into instructing the solicitor you have been offered. It also does not entail that if you choose to go with a different firm you will be charged through your nose. Most personal injury solicitors offer a no win no fee basis for personal injury claims. No win no fee means that if your case is won the legal fees are recovered from the other side and if you are unfortunately not successful you will not be charged a penny. Coupled with this, you will also have had the freedom to make sure you have the right solicitor for you, who gives a personal service and who you trust.

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