Next Monday marks the inauguration of the National Family Dispute Resolution Week – an opportunity for a discussion to take place on the importance of mediation and dispute resolution services across the country.

Stemming from recent news that mediation services are to be hit by legal aid cuts, the National Family Dispute Resolution Week hopes to inform the public of the alternative processes that are out there when it comes to resolving contentious issues in the family. It will also promote the fact that with a recognition of these services, it becomes easier to avoid going to court and therefore incurring large legal bills in the process.

It is hoped that the Ministry of Justice will support the week by raising the profile of Dispute Resolution throughout the duration of next week.

Be sure to have a look at the National Family Week DR Service map to see if they are any events throughout the week, and do help spread the word about the great work being done up and down the country by family mediators across the board.

To find out more about the family law services Roskell Davies provide, visit the family law pages and contact us if there’s anything we may be able to help with.

National Family DR Week

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