Following a divorce you will need to decide what to do with your property. The family home will be full of memories and you may be concerned about where you are going to live, where your children are going to be cared for and more. When you are entering into a property settlement it is best to enter it with a level head. Attempt to put emotion to one side and deal with the matter in hand in the most amiable way possible.
All properties which are jointly owned will have to be dealt with jointly. A jointly owned property cannot be sold or dealt with without the agreement of both parties. If you are not the joint owner of your family home, you may still be supported by the court if you have children you need to house.

There are two common ways divorcing couples deal with property. Firstly, many decide to sell the property and equally divide the profits giving each partner an equal share of the asset. The other option is that one of the partners decides to buy the other partner out of their share of the property. This will mean a property is transferred into the sole ownership of one half of the couple and individual who leaves the property still gets their share of the value of the home to take away with them and start their new life.

Many couples come to property settlements without involving lawyers so do not be too daunted by the prospect, although divorce is extremely hard, it does not need to be a terrible battle. More and more UK couples are managing to reach divorce settlements without involving third parties in the discussions. If you manage to make an agreement in this way you can either keep the agreement without involving any legal work or you could choose to cement the agreement in legal paperwork. This would mean simply instructing a lawyer to draft the agreement in writing between you both so it can be referred to in the future if any part of the agreement needs to be enforced by law. This is likely to be very inexpensive as the lawyer will only be involved for the drafting of the agreement not for any of the negotiations. This will ensure you both have peace of mind that your agreement will be kept to.

The other option is to instruct a specialist divorce lawyer to help you with the negotiations to reach a mutually accepted agreement. This is the traditional way to deal with a divorce and is still one of the most popular ways to reach property settlements and financial settlements. Instruct a specialist as they will be the best qualified to deal with your situation effectively.

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