Slip and trip accidents happen on a daily basis to someone, somewhere. Unfortunately we all have a tendency to be clumsy at times, sometimes even tripping over our own feet. However, it is not these types of accident we are concerned by when it comes to considering claiming compensation. Slip and trip accidents which are a fault of a third party can be the basis for a successful compensation claim. If you have slipped in your own home you will not be able to claim as the liability for accidents in a private residence lies with the homeowner themselves. However you may be able to claim if: –

You have slipped or tripped in the workplace: employers have a responsibility to provide a safe working environment for their employees to the best of their ability. This involves a number of processes such as risk assessment, health and safety and staff training. If your accident has been down to the negligent actions of a fellow employee, such as accidents due to trailing cables, you could have a potential claim against them. If the accident is due to the negligence of your employer, you can make a compensation claim holding your employer liable. Your claim is extremely likely to be successful if it is ruled your employer was not providing proper training to their employees, proper safety equipment –e.g. wet floor warning signs, or was not following health and safety protocol correctly. Remember, your claim will not only help you get the compensation you rightfully deserve but it will also highlight a potential issue to your employer, perhaps a safety problem which had been overlooked. This will prevent anyone else having to experience the pain and suffering you have.

You have slipped or tripped in a public place: this could be a pavement, a shopping centre, a restaurant and more. Different locations are the responsibility of different parties. The local council has a responsibility to maintain pavements and roads to a satisfactory standard, and if they are failing to do this appropriately you may find the council can be held liable for your accident. If you have had a fall in a restaurant or a shop, the responsibility could fall with the owner of the establishment. In any circumstance it will be vital to prove the negligence of a third party to have grounds for a successful claim. If a third party is not responsible for what happened, your claim will not be viable.

Your elderly relative has slipped or tripped: if your loved one has fallen, it can be devastating, not only a knock to their confidence but far more likely to cause serious injuries than in a younger person. It is possible to make a claim on behalf of an OAP as they may not have the means to make a claim themselves, they may feel concerned about claiming, or they may not have the mental capacity to be able to claim on their own.

If any of these scenarios are applicable to you, or you have a unique situation you wish to discuss in detail, contact a specialist personal injury solicitor today to discuss your options. Every case is different and a specialist lawyer will be able to give you straightforward advice on the viability of your claim in no time at all.

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