Conveyancing – the transferring of ownership of property, or in other words, the legal side of buying or selling a house. Conveyancing can be complex and it can be extremely stressful, but it does not have to be. If you make sure that you instruct the right conveyancing solicitor or licenced conveyancer you can actually have an enjoyable experience of conveyancing. So what can make you experience the joy (rather than the trauma) of conveyancing?

Transferring a Property

Specialist conveyancing solicitor – if you instruct a specialist conveyancing solicitor or licenced conveyancer they will be able to tackle any problems which arise during the conveyancing process with knowledge and expertise. They are also very unlikely to make any errors that could jeopardise the transaction. This can be absolutely vital to ensuring that the sale or purchase of your property reaches completion.

Expert conveyancing solicitor – if your lawyer deals with the sale and purchase of property day in day out they will know the process like the back of their hand, therefore they will be a lot more efficient than someone who is not a conveyancing specialist.

Local lawyer – it is your choice whether or not you instruct a local lawyer but the bonus of having your conveyancing solicitor nearby is that you can visit their office if you have to. This is a lot let stressful than having to chase a lawyer who is providing their services remotely. If your lawyer is local you can also be sure who is dealing with the conveyancing transaction for you. If you want your transaction to be dealt with by a fully qualified lawyer not a trainee, you can guarantee this is the case if you have met your conveyancing solicitor face to face.

Good reviews – recommendations and reviews speak volumes for a conveyancing solicitor. Speak to family, speak to friends and take a look online. Do your research and you should end up with a great lawyer on your side.

Buying or selling a house is much more likely to be stress-free and exciting if you have the right conveyancing lawyer on your side. Obviously, in any transaction things may go wrong, but you minimise the chances of large issues if you have a good lawyer. If your lawyer is expertly keeping a conveyancing transaction moving efficiently and accurately this gives you the best chance of successfully completing on the sale or purchase of that property that you are so emotionally invested in.

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