We all have arguments with our families now and again, mostly over tiny issues such as who won trivial pursuit or whether the toilet seat has been left up again. Occasionally though, disputes with family are over much larger matters regarding money, property and Wills. In a devastating article recently published by the Mirror, it was seen that the effects of an out of hand Will dispute have made it to court.

A forty-year-old lawyer – Francis Brough – has been found guilty of assaulting her elderly parents over an argument regarding the provisions they had made for her in their Will. The lady shouted abuse at both of her parents over the matter and spat repeatedly in her mother’s face. On top of this she has also been found guilty of assaulting the police officer that arrived at the house to arrest her following the incident. Brough has been jailed for 6 months for her crimes.

This is clearly an extreme example of a Will dispute but this is also a completely legitimate example of what can happen if your dispute goes much too far. There should never be a point where your disagreement with your loved ones has gone so far that violence ensues and an arrest is required. So make sure you nip your dispute in the bud before it causes issues that will put your family in danger of being torn apart.

If you deal with disputes when they happen, you should be able to come to a mutually accepted conclusion without things getting really nasty. Often, a resolution to a dispute can be reached without having to go to the extremity of a trip to court.  Alternative forms of dispute resolution include mediation – this is when a mediator will sit in on discussions between the disputing parties and will simply ensure that everyone has a fair chance to speak about the matter at hand.

Will Disputes

Should your dispute be too difficult to resolve in this way it may be best to instruct a lawyer to help you resolve your dispute. Involving a lawyer will ensure that discussions occur in a controlled environment and the legally fair resolution will be reached in courts. If you make a move to instruct a lawyer you can be safe in the knowledge that your dispute will be resolved. The amount of time dispute resolution takes will vary from case to case – but a resolution should be reached.

In order to help you reach a resolution, Roskell Davies are well trained wills & probate solicitors who would be happy to help you if your dispute is escalating – contact us or see the Wills & Probate sections of our website for more information.

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