Probate Costs

Roskell Davies & Company offer a range of probate services, from dealing with a simple grant of probate through to dealing with sales of estate properties and complex matters.

Costs on uncontested probate work can vary from matter to matter, depending upon the nature of the work involved, the value of the estate, the number of assets held and the number of beneficiaries, and whether a valid Will is in place or alternatively an intestacy. We will always do our best to give an accurate as possible estimate of fees and disbursements (third party fees) at the outset of the matter.

An indication of our likely fees

  • If you are require us to obtain a grant of representation only for you without dealing with any assets, for example a bank or building society has asked for a grant, we can normally act for you on a fixed fee basis of £600 – £950 plus VAT, plus disbursements.
  • We often help clients with the legal work to sell houses or flats as part of an estate. Where a sole owner of a house or flat has died, that will normally require a grant of representation to deal with the sale. We can assist with obtaining the grant and then handling the whole sales process. Costs typically £1800 – £3000 plus VAT and disbursements, but we will provide a breakdown of estimated costs and disbursements based on the circumstances of the matter.
  • We can also handle the “whole estate” administration process on behalf of clients. That would typically involve ascertaining the value of the estate, applying for the grant, calling in assets and discharging debts/liabilities and distributing to beneficiaries. The exact cost of dealing with a whole estate will depend upon the circumstances. The matter will normally be handled by a senior solicitor or partner of the firm at an hourly rate of £200 plus VAT at time of publication. These matters vary dependent upon the nature of the estate and we are happy to quote.

Disbursements/third party fees

Again, these will vary from matter to matter and we will always give an outline of disbursements at the outset. Typical third party fees on estates are:

  • Probate Registry fee currently £155 plus £0.50 for each additional copy obtained at the time (multiple copies are requested to deal with multiple assets at the same time). Please see the note below!
  • Bankruptcy searches of £2.00 per name. We are required to ensure personal representatives and beneficiaries are not bankrupt. Please note that if any personal representatives or beneficiaries are based overseas then additional search fees will apply dependent upon location.
  • Land Registry fees upon a sale of the property will depend upon whether a property is freehold or leasehold, and whether the property is registered with the Land Registry. Typically Land Registry fees will range from £10 – £50 on a sale.
  • London Gazette fee £101.52 at time of publication. Publication of a London Gazette notice protects personal representatives against unknown creditors of the estate.
  • Will certainty search – we will sometimes recommend conducting a Will search with certainty, perhaps in the case of a relative who appears to have died without leaving a Will but the family are not sure. Also, if you have a Will that may be a few years old we may recommend a search to ensure you are working to the latest and correct Will. Presently £114.00 inclusive of VAT for a ‘Combined Will Search’.
  • The estate fees and energy performance certificate fees will be agreed by the personal representatives when marketing a property for sale.
  • If you are selling a leasehold house or flat, there will often be additional fees in obtaining leasehold information from the landlord or managing agents. These will be set by the landlord or managing agents.

A note about Probate Registry Fees

The Probate Registry at the time of publication currently charge a fixed fee of £155 (plus £0.50 per copy) for all grants issued, regardless of the value of the estate. There have previously been proposals from the government to raise Probate Registry fees to reflect the value of the estate. This is something to look out for in the news as the proposals are again reported in the news as being considered. We can assist clients who are concerned about potential probate fees with organising their lifetime affairs in a more efficient way – please feel free to call us for more information.