Whiplash fraud is rife on the UK’s roads, and with many scams having come to light over recent years this can cause concern for individuals who are thinking of claiming for a genuine whiplash injury. As much as 60% of the whiplash claims made in the UK are thought to be non-genuine.

Recent Whiplash Fraud

A recent report of a whiplash scam involved a Ford Galaxy and an HGV on the M25. This fraudulent whiplash claim backfired when safety technology fitted in the lorry showed recordings of the Galaxy intentionally veering across three lanes of motorway and driving into the side of the HGV. The claim was dismissed upon this evidence as it was clear that the driver of the HGV was driving carefully and had not strayed from the inside lane. The passengers in the Galaxy had intended to sue the HGV company owners for whiplash compensation for all four of them, on the basis of the HGV driver’s negligence.

How Does Whiplash Fraud Affect Me?

The answer is, not at all. Well, that is whiplash fraud does not affect you at all if you have a genuine claim. The system is not intended to punish genuine whiplash claimants but is only intended to punish those who are making false claims. False whiplash claims cost the insurance industry a lot of money and this expense gets passed on to innocent road users as rising insurance premiums. Essentially whiplash fraud should in fact be affecting you less and less as it is combatted. Less whiplash fraud means less expense for the industry that should then effect how much insurance premiums rise by.

Will I Be Able To Successfully Claim For Whiplash?

Maybe. The only reason the answer to this is maybe is because it depends on a couple of things: –

1. Were you at fault? If you were at fault in an accident you will not be able to claim for whiplash compensation. If you weren’t at fault in an accident you will be able to make a claim against the individual whose actions were responsible for your injury.

2. Did the accident directly cause your whiplash? Your lawyer will have to prove the chain of events that links the accident to your whiplash.

3.    Is your claim genuine?

If you were not at fault in the accident, the accident directly caused your whiplash injury and you have a genuine claim you should be able to successfully claim for whiplash. Every whiplash claim is different, so to find out more accurately how likely you are to be successful in your claim, you should speak to a specialist whiplash solicitor.

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